Pediatric Dentistry

It is foremost for children to get their first-ever dental visit done at an early age. Even an infant starts teething within six months, and further, they grow primary teeth which are also called milk teeth. After around six to eight years, they begin losing their primary teeth, and a permanent set of teeth start to come out. Primary teeth form the foundation of permanent teeth, and if the right care is not given, the problems can stay for a lifetime.

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Parents or guardians should not ignore taking the kid to a dentist during their early childhood. We at Dr. Vijay’s Dental Spa feel you must visit a dentist with your children as soon as their first tooth comes. There are multiple reasons for a yearly checkup: It makes the child easy and takes the fear and anxiety out. This is also the right time for the dentist to check the growth of the kid’s mouth and any other budding issue can be scrutinized at an early, and preventive procedure can be given. 

Fluoride Application

Healthy gums and teeth are vital to a child’s overall well-being. This is why a kid’s physician will talk about good oral habits even before the child erupts the first tooth. Once the child has his primary tooth, the doctor may refer that a kid receive a fluoride application procedure in Dr. Vijay’s Dental Spa will also help prevent the tooth or teeth decay. This can take place 3 to 4 times per year. Moreover, pediatricians are skilled to apply fluoride due to many young children do not look or have access to dentists they are older.


If the kid complains about tooth pain, he could have a cavity issue. It’s vital to take the child to the dentist to get the decay removed and replace it with filling. Swift action may support the tooth and avoid the requirement for a more costly crown. Consider why it’s vital to guard baby teeth and three of the most common materials of filling used on children.


A child tooth extraction is an invasive removal of a milk tooth. A child’s tooth may need extraction if it is majorly ruined from decay or injury. These treatments are very known among children. Baby molars are the most normal extractions because they are more vulnerable to cavities than front teeth. However, the front tooth extractions are easier treatments because they only have a root, rather than multifold roots.