Full Mouth Denture (Removal)

Full mouth dentures are removable replacements for both of your upper and lower teeth or just upper or lower teeth. They are referred to as traditional dentures. In this, a flesh colors base is made with real-looking artificial teeth to fit over the gums. The foundation of the upper denture covers the upward side of your mouth which is also called the palate, and the lower denture appeared like a horseshoe so it doesn’t clash with the tongue.

Dentures are tailor-made in our lab from internal impressions taken of your mouth. As compared to a complete fixed denture anchored by implants, traditional dentures can take less time to get in the habit and may feel an uncomfortable couple of weeks in the starting. They should be removed daily for cleansing and may sometimes need the use of adhesives. 

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Complete dentures can last up to one decade. They require to be maintained, relined, or remade over time as per normal wear. They are sensitive and care should be taken to make sure they don’t dry out. Also, they need to be kept in room temperature tap water or a denture cleanser solution at all times while they are not in the mouth. 

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