Crown & Bridges

Dental crowns referred to a tooth-shaped cap that is fixed on the tooth to restore its size, shape, and appearance artificially. It is needed on the damaged tooth due to decay, accident, and trauma. They are a great replacement to the natural crown and works in all ways that of a healthy and natural cron and also look like one. On the other hand, a bridge helps to fill the gap between the teeth. 

Dr. Vijay’s Dental Spa provides quality dental crown and bridge procedures, in all cases including one or more than one missing teeth. Dentures are also known as artificial teeth. Furthermore, dentures are removable prostheses that might replace the complete set of teeth in one or both jaws. Even in the case of partial dentures, some false teeth can be fixed among other natural teeth. With an acrylic base, complete dentures are made with unnatural teeth placed to restore the smile, the position of the jaw, and restore the bite. 

Some old age patients find it hard to keep their dentures in right place, which crown dentist in Delhi at Dr. Vijay’s Dental Spa recommends a lasting and quality implant to anchor it strongly. Partial dentures may be used in replacing one or more teeth in an arch and can be anchored to natural teeth with a metal grip. A partial denture treats the remaining teeth from popping out of the mount, which can lead to teeth loss. Get the best-quality crown and bridge procedure in Chattarpur for multiple options for dentures at Dr. Vijay’s Dental Spa.

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